To truly understand a design you can’t just work with paper, you have to sketch with metal.
— Adair Wilmot Williams - Founder and Director

Buchanan & Wilmot fuses a traditional design aesthetic with the latest in materials and fabrication techniques. By handworking our many prototypes the science of shaping metal is imbued with an artistry which is impossible to recreate through more isolated creative processes.


We have extensively researched and experimented to reach the core selection of materials we use today. Commercially pure titanium with its astonishing strength to weight and beautiful lustre as well as CZ121 brass with its satisfying density and phenomenal machine finish provide the foundation for our designs. In combination with fastidious design and meticulous processing this attention to detail in materials and alloying contributes to a product that is much more than the sum of its parts.



What makes B&W unique is our technique for creating a blueprint of the understanding, feel and soul of a craftsman and producing this with machines.

We manufacture our products in Great Britain using high precision computer numerically controlled machining centres. By learning, understanding and digitising actions and techniques used in hand fabricating prototypes B&W is able to create a blueprint for a craftsman’s work. By allying this with the precision and consistency of computer-numerically controlled manufacture we can reproduce the understanding, feel and soul of the designer. This enables us to produce artistry in engineering.


All of our products are inspected, assembled and polished by hand in the UK. The human touch is irreplaceable here as the vision, feedback and fine decision making required to ensure quality and optimise the finish of a part is beyond the capability of machines. By hand-polishing our products to a high shine we ensure that the natural beauty of the material is revealed. This can be further enhanced through the electrodeposition of precious metals such as sterling silver and 18ct gold. This combination of design, material, manufacture and exquisite finishing makes objects that are beautifully British.