Making our products in Great Britain allows us to combine the experience of traditional craftsmen with advanced industrial techniques to create something truly unique.
— Tony Buchanan Harker - Founder and Director

Buchanan & Wilmot was founded by Tony Buchanan Harker and Adair Wilmot Williams, two engineers specialising in turbomachinery who share a passion for objects that are both beautifully made and supremely functional. Together they set out to fuse the automated phenomenal precision of modern turbomachinery manufacturing techniques with the attention to detail and fine craftsmanship more commonly associated with the Swiss watch industry to create the spirit of Buchanan & Wilmot.

Buchanan & Wilmot combines cutting edge materials and processes with timelessly elegant design. This artistry in engineering creates objects that are beautifully British.

We use materials such as high grade commercially pure titanium, 316 stainless steel and CZ121 brass for their excellent mechanical properties and beautiful depth of colour. All of our products are inspected and polished by hand; here the human touch ensures the highest quality. Finally selected products have a layer of precious metal applied using an electro-deposition process.



Creation, evaluation, evolution:
There is no shortcut to inspired design – you can either do it quickly or you can do it right.

We prototype every design by hand in order to understand the subtle interactions of the materials, tools, shapes and processes. This allows us to combine the traditional craft and feel of the classical machinist with the repeatable precision of cutting edge British manufacturing. After all, machines can reproduce - but not create - inspired design.

Our products are made in Britain, which allows us to remain deeply involved in all aspects of the manufacturing process. This is the only way to ensure our designs are faithfully reproduced.